Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Types of TV Furniture

In the early days of flat panel televisions, the vast majority of TV units were glass TV stands. These tended to be rectangular in design. As many TV’s are positioned in the corner of the room,corner TV stands were developed. But, not all consumers liked glass TV stands. So, wooden TV stands were developed and as an alternative to a wall mounted television, cantilever TV stands were developed. These are essentially a traditional TV stand with an incorporated bracket giving a similar look to a wall mounted TV. Now, let’s take a look at the types of TV furniture.

TV Cabinets
TV cabinet offer a more enclosed space for your AV equipment and allow you to hide your devices away. However, before you decide to buy this TV cabinet, you must think about the impact on ventilation and access to the devices. This furniture offers a flat surface to place your TV on the top, plus there are wooden and glass doors which offer an enclosed area for your AV equipment.
Corner TV Stands
The rear of a corner stand is shaped so that it will push back much further into the corner of the room compared to a stand with a straight edge. It will save you space and make the TV less prominent in the room. However, it is depend on the layout of your room.  This corner TV stand can provide limited space for your AV equipment especially if the rear goes to a point to fit exactly in the corner. Corner stands come in a variety of materials and styles, from metal to glass to wood.
Glass TV Stands
There are many different colors of glass to choose from,to enable you to match the stand perfectly with the decor of your room. The thickness of the glass, the types of cable management and the weight of the TV you are going to put on are all part of the equation. The glass shelves will usually come with metal supports or wooden frames.
Wood TV Stands
If you prefer a more traditional look, wooden TV stands might be the right choice especially if your room is full of wooden furniture and flooring. However, a wooden TV stands has its owns issues such as they often have back panels which make it difficult for access, ventilation and running the cables.
Cantilever TV Stands
Also known as a TV mount stand. It is a more modern innovation and it can provide the shelf space. It also has compact design of a more traditional TV stand, combined with the ability to hang a HDTV as if it were wall-mounted. Moreover, it can provide you with more room for your hardware underneath the TV. A cantilever can allow you to have the TV at a greater height when compared to a glass or wooden stand

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