Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fixed Wall TV Bracket Guide

Fixed wall TV bracket will probably be the best option for you if you want the cheapest solution. It is also the simplest type to install. The flat profile of this type of mount means that when it is installed , the TV will hide the mount itself and it is probably the neatest and most discrete method. Now, let’s see what is the guide you must know before buying a fixed wall TV bracket.

Lack of Space
First of all, you need to consider if there is enough space between the back of the TV and the wall to install the required cabling. If you have an AV receiver as part of your home theater setup, then you may only require one HDMI cable into the rear of the TV. However, if you need to run many different types of cable behind the TV, then you may find that this is difficult  with a flat wall mount.
Fixed Position
If you buy this type of mount, you can’t adjust the angle of the TV screen. Therefore, you will only want to buy this type of mount if you are able to place the screen in exactly the right location for your viewing position. As it requires a flat wall area, you will have to avoid the corners of rooms.

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