Monday, October 31, 2016

Wall-Mount Types

TV wall-mounts range from basic fixed-mount designs to those with nearly unlimited flexibility for positioning your TV. There are a variety of options to choose from. You just need to think about what you want your bracket to be able to do. So, let’s see what we have for wall-mounts.
Fixed Mount
This is the simplest and lowest-cost type of mount. This type of mount  is a good choice if you will be sitting directly in front of the TV. It places the TV closer to the wall than other mount types. You can place the TV at the ideal height, with the center of the screen at about eye-level when you are seated. A flat wall mount has no angle adjustments where the TV screen’s position is parallel to the wall.
Ceiling Mount
ceiling wall is more suitable for a brick wall compare to wall mount.
Tilt Mount
This wall mount makes it easy to compensate for a TV positioned above the optimum viewing level by providing vertical angle adjustment.  The tilt mechanism causes the TV to be spaced a bit further out from the wall.  The angle adjustment can help reduce screen reflections from windows or room lights. This type of wall-mount is a smart choice for TVs placed high on a bedroom wall.
Tilt/swivel Mount
This wall mount is great for rooms with more than one usual viewing spot. By adding side-to-side swivel adjustment, it is a smart solution when a TV needs to be angled to provide the best viewing.

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