Wednesday, November 23, 2016

TV Stand vs Wall-Mount

It is up to each person to choose the option that works best for their situation because each choice for setting up a TV has good and bad points. For example, if we choose TV stand, TV stand has the advantage of organization and design where it is easier to move in case you want to place your TV in a different location  while wall-mount TV is fixed and can only be swiveled if you want to change viewing direction.
TV stand also will take up more space, compare to wall-mount because they need to be set down on a flat surface, like a wall unit or a table, making the TV like a piece of furniture. Plus, using a stand together with furniture will make it easier to organize all the cables that connect to the TV  and related equipment by arranging them so they  are out of sight and tidy. But, if you choose to buy wall-mount, you need to find a suitable wall to mount the TV because not all walls can support a large TV.

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