Thursday, March 1, 2018

Video Conferencing Cart/Stand

Video Conferencing Cart/Stand and cabinets are designed for video conference applications suitable for the meeting room, conference hall or classroom. We have single and dual display carts for video conferencing systems deliver an easy-to-install mounting solution for you system. Variety of configurations are available such as casters for easier transportation, an lockable enclosure to store your system equipment and accessories, as well as a simple tray to place a camera or other laptop/small CPU.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

TV Stands/Media Consoles

Maybe it’s a matter of personal preference or taste, or your decision is based on size and space restrictions, regardless, you’re considering a TV stands/media console. TV stands and media consoles are a bit more modest in size when compared to their larger, more embellished entertainment center counterparts; typically not extending a great distance in size/length beyond the parameters or size of the flat-screen that it is intended to hold or display. They also do not tend to include additional shelving above the top or along the sides of the TV. Still, most do provide ample storage space in the form of shelves and many are outfitted with cabinet doors as well for storing DVDs, CDs, and video games.

5 Benefits Of TV Stands

Optimize your available space

Still, there are a couple of other things about space optimization. First of all, a model that can fit so closely into the corner, leaves the middle of your room open, which is simply essential for those homeowners who are not lucky to have spacious living rooms. If your space is narrow, or simply very small, making sure that the middle of the room remains open and non-cluttered is one of the major things that can determine the success of your interior decoration scheme.

Contribute to unusual furniture layout

Another important benefit of equipping your room with television stands corner units is that they help to create unusual furniture layout that immediately catches the eye. If you grew tired of the same classic arrangement with a sofa and centered TV stand, you should probably give corner units a try. On the whole, shifting your focus of attention from the middle of the room can be an excellent idea.

Feature greater storage capacity

Corner storage units seem very compact, but in fact, they have an enormous storage capacity. If you are looking for a storage unit that would not clutter your room but would at the same time have what it takes to store plenty of items, television stands corner units could be amazing solutions for you.

Come in many different styles

Production materials to choose from are plenty. You can go with classic wood for traditional interiors; high gloss or glass – for modern one, etc.

Can be used with any TV model

Finally, there are no limitations when it comes to a particular TV models. The stands do not only vary in styles and production materials; they can also have different dimensions, and a lot of them will have brackets, too. So, no matter which kind of a TV you are using, you will find something that would meet your requirements.

If you are looking for television stands corner units that are not stylish, but also quite affordable, you should start your search for appropriate models in big furniture stores. As a rule, they can offer a way more reasonable pricing policy, better product selection, and – generally, higher quality of the supplied products.

Friday, February 23, 2018

TV Wall Mounting

Looking to save space, lacking space, or simply like the sleek and contemporary look of a wall mounted flat-screen? Then look no further than No matter the size of your flat-screen, has a wall mounting system to accommodate your needs. Better yet, we have expert TV installation service available for your TV, Home Theater System, or other Electronics purchased from (within our regular delivery area and with a minimum purchase). So why take the time and effort to mount or install your flat-screen when can tackle it for you?

Whatever you decide is the best way to show off your TV, we have great options for you to choose from. So, stop by or visit us online (at to see what you’ve been missing!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

TV Stand vs Wall-Mount

It is up to each person to choose the option that works best for their situation because each choice for setting up a TV has good and bad points. For example, if we choose TV stand, TV stand has the advantage of organization and design where it is easier to move in case you want to place your TV in a different location  while wall-mount TV is fixed and can only be swiveled if you want to change viewing direction.
TV stand also will take up more space, compare to wall-mount because they need to be set down on a flat surface, like a wall unit or a table, making the TV like a piece of furniture. Plus, using a stand together with furniture will make it easier to organize all the cables that connect to the TV  and related equipment by arranging them so they  are out of sight and tidy. But, if you choose to buy wall-mount, you need to find a suitable wall to mount the TV because not all walls can support a large TV.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying A TV Mount

Before purchasing a TV mount, consumers need to make sure a mount will fit their TV and accommodate its size and weight. Here are a few considerations you can make before you purchase a TV mount.

Flat Screen or CRT TV Mount
The first thing you need to consider when buying a TV mount is whether the television is a flat screen or a cathode ray tube (CRT TV). The mounts for these types of TVs are completely different. A flat screen mounts are simply used brackets to hold the TV in place while CRT TV requires either a platform or ceiling mount to hold them up.
Mount Compatibility
Most mounts are universal and fit about 90 percent of the time. Make sure the TV mount is compatible with an existing television. However, check with the manufacturer beforehand. There will be a link to a compatible mount finder for specific brands and models on manufacturers’ websites.
Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) Listed
Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) is a global science safety company that tests various products against stringent safety standards. TV mounts that have been listed by the UL have been tested for product defects and passed strict safety tests. Beside that, you can look for mounts that are approved by other third-party agencies like Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), which sets industry-wide standards for compatibility.
TV Size and Weight
TVs can range from under 20 inches to well over 70 inches. When buying a universal mount, be sure it can support the weight and size of a certain television. Adequate support is needed because the mount will be connected to the wall.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fixed Wall TV Bracket Guide

Fixed wall TV bracket will probably be the best option for you if you want the cheapest solution. It is also the simplest type to install. The flat profile of this type of mount means that when it is installed , the TV will hide the mount itself and it is probably the neatest and most discrete method. Now, let’s see what is the guide you must know before buying a fixed wall TV bracket.

Lack of Space
First of all, you need to consider if there is enough space between the back of the TV and the wall to install the required cabling. If you have an AV receiver as part of your home theater setup, then you may only require one HDMI cable into the rear of the TV. However, if you need to run many different types of cable behind the TV, then you may find that this is difficult  with a flat wall mount.
Fixed Position
If you buy this type of mount, you can’t adjust the angle of the TV screen. Therefore, you will only want to buy this type of mount if you are able to place the screen in exactly the right location for your viewing position. As it requires a flat wall area, you will have to avoid the corners of rooms.

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